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Featured Projects

Disease Identification Models

Elsa Health Symptom Assessment algorithms are a collection of causal models that can be used for health decision making support at all levels of healthcare providers.

The main intention of these models is to support healthcare workers at the rural (and urban) dispensary level by taking in patient signs, symptoms and risk factors, and calculating the likelihood of one of the covered conditions.

Mobile Health Assistant

The Elsa Health Assistant is an android application that can be deployed with healthcare providers across levels of care to collect information on patients signs, symptoms, and risk factors. Paired with Elsa's Symptom Assessment algorithms, healthcare providers use the application to receive insights on the likely cause of a patients symptoms.

The application supports multiple languages, and is currently available in English and Swahili. Additional features include a patient file, which allows providers track patients over time.

Other Projects

Milestone Assessment

Support the assessment of key development milestones of children under the age of 14.

Pediatric Intake Form

Digital pediatric patient assessment intake form to support data collection at points of care.

Bayesian Logistic Regressor

Perform logistic regression with uncertainities by defining your coefficients with Normal Distributions.